Shoulder Pain

shoulder painThe shoulder joint is a shallow ball and socket joint and therefore it relies on stability from its surrounding muscles and ligaments.

The shoulder provides a wide range of motion, in fact it is probably the most mobile joint in the body, however these characteristics make it prone to injury.

Shoulder pain can be caused by sport or other injuries when the joint, muscles or ligaments become inflamed from undertaking repetitive motions, a fall, or yanking the arm as well as poor posture.

A condition commonly referred to as “frozen shoulder” also known as adhesive capsulitis occurs when chronic inflammation of the shoulder joint leads to the accumulation of scar tissue within and around the joint.

If untreated the shoulder can become severely limited in motion.

At the Douglas Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Clinic we can provide specialised sports injury treatment along with exercise rehabilitation in order to relieve the presenting shoulder pain, improve joint mobility and provide long term strength and stability to the shoulder joint which most importantly prevents the injury from returning.

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