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What To Expect On Your First Visit

What to expect on your First Visit

The first consultation takes approximately 40 minutes. It is during this consultation that information is obtained so that a diagnosis of your complaint can be made.

Once your chiropractor has obtained your case history and previous medical history, you will be given a thorough orthopaedic and neurological examination. This is an assessment of your spine and nervous system and it will allow your chiropractor to determine your diagnosis.

The Chiropractor will advise on a course of treatment. If chiropractic appears not to be suitable for you, you will be referred to your GP, neurologist, orthopaedic surgeon or relevant specialist.

Subsequent Visits

After the initial consultation and examination, if necessary, your chiropractor may offer you treatment immediately. However, it may be delayed for a couple of days, if your chiropractor needs to take x-rays, refer you for MRI/CT scan or receive additional information from your GP.


Chiropractors are fully trained in radiography and radiology. If clinically indicated, x-rays are an excellent method of diagnosing structural abnormalities of the skeleton. X-rays are taken only if necessary and help rule out non-mechanical causes of pain such as an infection or fracture. The degree of degeneration (wear and tear) can also be ascertained.

Report of Findings

Before any treatment starts, your diagnosis and a plan of management will be explained by the chiropractor. You will be told about any exercise rehabilitation or changes to your lifestyle or diet that may be beneficial so that you can help yourself. Your chiropractor will tell you of the likelihood of any recurrence of your problem and the possibility of ongoing supportive care. This is not out of the ordinary for patients that have long-term problems.

Treatment Plan

A treatment plan will be laid out from acute care through to rehabilitation and maintenance along with a time frame for recovery. Once your chiropractor is confident that you have a full understanding of your condition, treatment will be given. You will usually receive treatment at the first consultation. An array of techniques can be used including ice, heat, exercise, mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue work and stretching.

Chiropractic involves safe, gentle and specific manipulation, done by hand, to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly.

Sometimes a “crack” or “pop” sound can be heard and the noise is simply bubbles of gas popping in the joint fluid as the pressure in the joint is released.

If it is felt that treatment is not appropriate or further investigations are required, you will be referred onto the relevant healthcare professional.

At all times, we encourage you to ask questions in order to put you at ease and maximise the benefits of your treatment.

At the Douglas Chiropractic Clinic, we continually reassess our patients’ progress.

If you have any questions prior to your first consultation or booking, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help!

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